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Be good to your body

To maintain good overall health it is important that exercise is matched with good nutrition, and Trojan Fitness are experts in this area. We don’t promote silly shake diets, magic pills or mass manufactured supplements, we just advise you on how to eat proper food well.

We provide different degrees of nutritional advice ranging from simple guidance, to full weekly diet plans, consisting of recipes tailored around your needs. Below are some of the services we offer.



Using sophisticated nutritional software we can analyse your diet in great detail, providing you with a report on your currant macro and micronutrient intake. To be able to effectively analyse your diet we require a 4 or 7 day food diary, with the later giving a more comprehensive overview.


purchase preferred diet analysis service


Contacted by a member of our team with instructions on how to record and send us your food diary.


Results emailed within 5-7 working days

4 day food diary analysis – £99.99

7 day food diary analysis – £139.99


Bespoke Tailored

Diet Plans

If you’re feeling lost and confused on what to eat, then our tailor-made diet plans could be what you’ve been looking for. After filling out a short questionnaire, our nutritionist will construct a 7 day diet plan around your goals and nutritional likes and dislikes. All recipes are included, laid out in an easy to read format.


Purchase diet plan


Fill out questionnaire regarding health and eating habits


receive diet plan via email 5 working days after we receive your completed questionnaire

Personalised 7 day diet plan – £119.99


Diet Analysis

+ Tailored Diet Plan Package

4 day food diary analysis + 7 day diet plan – £199.99 (save £19.99)

7 day food diary analysis + 7 day diet plan – £224.99 (save £44.99)