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Hybrid Fit Classes in Northwood

| Challenge all aspects of your fitness with this versatile exercise class

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Northwood Hybrid Fit Class

Are you looking for the perfect fitness class to help you burn calories and increase strength?

Our hybrid fit class is the one for you.

This is a whole body workout that is designed to give you a good, varied workout. You will be using many different pieces of equipment such as kettlebells and resistance bands as you work your way through cardiovascular and resistance exercises.

Our instructors will choose the perfect workouts for you and you’re sure to feel great after this varied class.

Experienced Instructors

Our instructors are packed with years of experience, and have traveled the world collecting different methods of teaching that they bring straight to our Northwood gym.

They are flexible, friendly, and fun, offering classes varying in difficulty.

Hybrid fit is a versatile exercise, and our instructors are experts in many different techniques and methods of workout that are sure to activate your muscles and get you sweating.

All of our hybrid fit teachers are ready to answer any questions you may have and are always on hand to offer advice and talk you through each position.

An Exercise Class For Everyone

The beauty of a hybrid fit class is that it is accessible to anyone.

Form bodybuilders to long distance runners hybrid fit offers a varied group of exercises that can be taken at a pace that suits you.

No matter your age, gender, or fitness level, our instructors will put you through multiple exercise aimed to increase your heart rate and get your muscles working, and you’re sure to enjoy the fun nature we always bring to our classes.

If you want to raise a sweat and really work your muscles, our more challenging classes will be perfect. If not, go for something on more of a beginners level which will be less intense.

Boutique Northwood Studio

Our boutique Northwood gym has a floor completely dedicated to our exercise classes.

This means that when it comes to hybrid fit, you will have all the space required to feel comfortable and enjoy the class without feeling cramped.

Our spacious gym has plenty of space to provide you with all the room you need to stretch out and really maximise the effects of your workout, and all equipment needed is always provided.