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Create Fitness Content In Our Bespoke Gym

| Photography and Videography in our bespoke gym in Northwood

The Ideal Place

For Influencers

Find the perfect backdrop for your fitness content in our gym, with high-quality equipment and stunning aesthetics throughout.

High Quality

Gym Equipment To Hire

We use only the best equipment, allowing you to take your fitness videography and photography to the next level.

Private Setting

for Uninterrupted Content

Film your videos without any background interruptions or noise in our private studio.



Our lighting creates the perfect ambience for any fitness content, from inspirational videos to atmospheric photography.

Price List

Gym Space Rental

1 Hour (1 Session) = £15.00

5 Sessions = £70.00 (£14.00 per session)

10 Sessions = £130.00 (£13.00 per session)

20 Sessions = £240.00 (£12.00 per session)

50 Sessions = £549.00 (£10.98 per session)