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It can be difficult to know where to exercise in your local area without constant interruption from traffic and junctions.

Located in North West London, about 10 miles from Charing Cross, is Harrow. It has an ideal mix of city buzz alongside rural quiet. Whether you are looking to do circuits with a friend, or go for a peaceful run, there is somewhere you can go in Harrow.

This means you won’t be short of places to go to focus on getting fitter whilst breathing in the fresh air. Harrow is inundated with parks and recreations grounds, so one of these five great places is bound to be right for you.

Roxbourne Park

Roxbourne Park, located near Rayners Lane in Harrow, has a broad variety of facilities which can aid your fitness journey.

The park spans 64-acres of land, ideal for outdoor exercise of all kinds. Whether you have taken to running to clear your head, doing sessions with your personal trainer outside, or using outdoor gyms, Roxbourne Park enables you to do it all. There are football and cricket fields, great for incorporating shorts sprints into a circuit session or for running around if you like to avoid hard surfaces. This will therefore help you stave off injury.

The park is also interwoven with tarmac paths for those who prefer a stable surface. Alongside running, you can even rollerblade or skateboard as a way of keeping fit.

Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park is situated in South Harrow and has three entrances: Alexandra Avenue, Park Lane and Northolt Road.

Whilst not quite as big as Roxbourne Park, the park still covers a large 21-acre area and has lots of different facilities. There is a basketball court for those who enjoy playing a game with their mates or a green gym if you want to make use of gym equipment whilst being outdoors.

You could even get your personal trainer to coach you here, so you get maximal fitness benefit without being cooped inside. The park is also filled with plenty of trees, a refreshing contrast to the concrete jungle of London.

In the winter months this is perfect for allowing you to continue training on drizzly days. You can shelter under the branches and still get your workout done in the fresh air.

West Harrow Recreation Ground

Across the way in West Harrow is the West Harrow Recreation Ground which is near The Ridgeway.

It is the best place to go for the tennis lovers out there. Pair up with a friend, take your own rackets along and enjoy a couple of matches on the tarmac courts. To keep your heart rate up and work on your fitness, you could even keep your body moving by jumping on the spot. This will also help you stay warm in the cooler weather.

The Recreation Ground is perfect if you want to meet a friend for a walk, get a takeaway coffee, and leave your children to play in the playground whilst you catch up.

Woodcock Park

If you are looking for a calm, serene park where you can escape the hustle and bustle of busy London, Woodcock Park is the perfect place.

The combination of grassland alongside paved paths means you can put some headphones in and safely run around the park uninterrupted. Therefore, you can get physically fit, whilst providing your mind with some down time and distraction from the chaos of the world.

If you are organised and happy to play regardless of the temperamental British winter weather, you can book to use the tennis courts. Tennis is an ideal way to work your coordination skills, improve your fitness, and keep your mind constantly working to avoid boredom.

Kenton Recreation Ground

Finally, just north of Harrow in Kenton, is the Kenton Recreation Ground. It has all you could wish for to help add some excitement to your fitness journey.

There are multi-use courts for the netball and basketball lovers, playing fields for the football fans, and a green gym for the workout enthusiasts. There is no need to feel bored when thinking about the concept of getting fit because you can try something new every day and take your friends along on your journey too. The attractive, calm feel of the park is great for when you just want to have a walk, take in the scenery, and let your thoughts wonder.

It doesn’t stop there. For the more enthusiastic, adventurous fitness fanatics in Harrow, the arrival of a new BMX track gives riders the opportunity to get on their bikes and train around the different level loops. There is a green loop for beginners, a blue loop for intermediate riders, and a red loop for those with more experience. Regardless of your likes and dislikes, Harrow is a great place to get fit.

Wherever you are located in Harrow, there is a great, spacious outdoor area for you to workout in. Either on your own, with a friend, or with a personal trainer in Harrow.

Hannah Irwin