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The greatest thing about running is the accessibility it provides. As long as you have a pair of trainers, you can head out for a run from your doorstep without much hassle.

However, after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is waste time deciding a route. Sometimes not knowing where to run gives you enough time to psych yourself out. That’s why we have compiled a list of the five best running routes in Northwood for you to choose from.

Whether you are looking for an easy 5k on the roads or a multi-terrain 10k to give your legs a bit of a break from pounding the pavements, there is a route for everyone.

Fit Club Gym 5k loop

5k is one of the best, most enjoyable distances. It is long enough for you to get into a flow without being overwhelming and too time consuming.

The Fit Club Gym 5k route is the perfect warm up to a PT session at the gym. An easy 5k on the roads of Northwood will prepare you to tackle your gym session as soon as you arrive.

The route heads briefly along the B472 before turning down Norwich Road. The route then skirts around Haste Hill Golf course before joining the A404. After a quick detour down Potter Street and Alandale Drive, it is back to the gym in time for your PT session.

fit club gym 5k loop

Road Eastcote loop

If you’re looking for a slightly longer pre gym running route, or a route to tackle on a Sunday morning, this one is ideal.

The entire loop is paved, so come rain or shine you’ll be able to get your run done. The route goes along West End Lane, Eastcote Road and Field End Road, before returning to the start.

The route totals just under 10k at 9.61km with a complete elevation of 55m. This makes it relatively flat, so you can enjoy your run as much as possible without too much additional stress on the body.

road Eastcote running loop

Northwood Recreation Ground Route

This route offers just under 9k of running around the roads of Northwood with 77m of elevation gain over the entire run.

The start is located at Northwood Recreation Ground where it also finishes, making it ideal if you want to park and run from your car.  This route passes through Pinner and Eastcote before returning back to Northwood Hills.

You’ll have a mixture of scenery from the hustle and bustle of the roads to the calmness of Haste Hill and Northwood Golf course.

Northwood Recreation Ground Route

Ruislip Lido and Back

This route is the perfect mind-clearer for a stressful day. You can simply shut your mind off from the world around you and take in the beauty and tranquillity of Ruislip Lido.

If the sun is shining, the beauty of the route will seem greater, but even on a rainy day, the serenity of the water makes you feel relaxed. The route totals 6.5km with 75m of elevation, most of which is located at the start and finish of the loop.

The flat terrain around the Lido will allow you to get completely absorbed by your run and focus on technique. This also make it ideal if you want to pick the pace up for the middle section of your run.

ruislip lido running route

Moor Park 10k

Just a short distance from Northwood is the Moor Park 10k route.

The route starts at the school playing fields, a section you could skip if you’re looking for a slightly shorter loop, before crossing into Rickmansworth and Moor Park Golf Course.

It then winds back through Moor Park estate before returning to the school. This is the ideal route to give your legs a much-needed impact break and allow them to recover.

It is great for running over the summer months when the ground has dried out slightly. Why not get a friend to join you so you can chat and run with company.

moor park running route

Next time you head out for a run in Northwood, save yourself the stress of discovering where to go and choose from one of these routes. From 5k to 10k, there is a distance for everyone.

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Hannah Irwin