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If you love training outdoors in a group environment at a high intensity, an exercise boot camp may be just the class for you.

Boot camp exercise classes offer the perfect opportunity for you to increase your strength and all-round fitness in a group-based, military-style setting. The classes are designed to work you hard in a disciplined but enjoyable way.

However, as the name suggests, they are no easy feat, so you may want to know what you are signing yourself up for. That being said, anyone of any ability, as long as they have plenty of determination and motivation to have fun, is welcome at a boot camp class.

What does a boot camp exercise class involve?

Boot camp classes are usually run on a weekly basis and are designed to increase both stamina and strength. Every class covers a different set of exercises, so you can be sure to have a varied workout that targets every part of your body week on week.

The exercises range from bodyweight focused movements to slam ball routines and even skipping. This means you will get your heart pumping and your muscles burning all in one class.

There is also no opportunity for boredom to creep in as recovery is kept short and each exercise works you to the limit. The classes may even treat you to a few sprints or drill exercises to fire up your cardiovascular system. At boot camp, no part of your body will go unworked.

Everyone’s in it together

The group element of the class is something that attracts a lot of people. It inspires a positive atmosphere that sees individuals encourage and be encouraged by their fellow boot campers.

Nobody who comes to the session is alone, everyone is there to sweat it out together. For this reason, if you can sense your motivation to workout is dwindling, a boot camp class should be at the top of your list to reignite that fitness spark.

The camaraderie is second to none and welcomes anyone of any ability to give it a try. There is nobody that boot camp excludes.

If you do have a specific known injury, be sure to make your PT aware of this so they can offer alternative exercises where necessary. This enables everyone to have a safe but challenging session.

How will a boot camp exercise class benefit you?

Similarly to a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout, boot camp classes provide a full body workout that targets different energy systems. This makes it a very effective and rewarding form of exercise.

Due to the high intensity nature of the class, you can achieve the same health benefits as moderate aerobic exercise but in less time.

This is because you are working your body at a higher limit. Therefore, if you don’t have time to exercise as frequently as you’d like but want to ensure the workouts you do hit the spot, boot camp is for you.

The shorter but more intense exercises work your anaerobic and strength systems, whereas the lower intensity exercises such as continuous skipping work your cardio system and your fitness endurance.

Our boot camp classes will benefit you for endless reasons. If you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your general fitness, or looking for a way to clear your head. It is one of the most encompassing and stimulating exercise classes you can commit to.

Aside from the physical benefits, the chance to exercise in the fresh outdoors will help you avoid needing to wear a face mask or worry about a lack of space indoors. It also enables you to top up those essential vitamin d levels when the sun is shining.

Ultimately, boot camp is a great way to make exercise fun. So, if you haven’t been before, don’t be afraid to try before you commit to it on a weekly basis, but we are confident you will love it and be back for more.

At Trojan Fitness we offer boot camp classes in West London area. Interested? Find out more!

Hannah Irwin