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Whether you want to stretch your legs during your lunch break or take the kids for a picnic on the weekend, there are plenty of parks in Northwood that you can go to. Come rain or shine, their natural beauty is just as beautiful and will give you that much needed calmful aura. There is nothing a breath of fresh air and some outdoor activity can’t help. We have compiled a list of the five best parks in Northwood, so you don’t need to stress about where to go again

The Gravel Pits

In keeping with its name, the gravel pits were historically used for gravel extraction. Since being disused, they have continued to provide purpose, but to the local community. It is now a small, open area of woodland that is perfect for a short walk or picnic to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life. The park is located at the junction of Copse Wood Way with Rickmansworth Road and runs all the way through to Ducks Hill Road. In springtime, the mass of Daffodils is a beautiful sight not to miss and, in the winter, the crisp morning frost will motivate you to get in some early exercise.

The Old Park Wood

If you live in or near Northwood, The Old Park Wood is a place not to miss. It is known to be one of the most varied places of woodland in the area. There are some spectacular views in the vast 8 hectares of natural beauty. The reserve sits just behind Harefield Hospital, tucked quietly away from the chaotic city. Whatever the season, the reserve is a joy to visit, but it is especially stunning in spring when the floor of the woodland flourishes into a sea of colour. Whether you enjoy a stroll or calming jog, the woods will be sure to provide you with motivation to improve your fitness.

Rickmansworth Aquadrome Nature Reserve

The Aquadrome Nature Reserve is the best place near Northwood to go for a day full of activity. If you are in need of a touch of adrenaline and excitement, the lakes offer water-skiing, canoeing, and sailing, so there is no reason for boredom to hit. If you want to keep the day chilled, enjoy a 3 ¾ mile, 2 ¼ mile, or 1 1/2 mile walk around the lakes of Rickmansworth. You can even head here for loops on a long run or if you are looking for a location for a run session.

Ruislip Woods

Just on the doorstep of Northwood is the impressive area of Ruislip Woods. The nature reserve spans over 726 acres and offers a home to native plants and wildlife. There is also an extensive array of walking, biking and running routes, perfect for helping you on your fitness journey. The woods are a great place to head for a gentle jog to clear your mind after work and destress before returning home. The extensive grassland also acts as the perfect location for an outdoor PT session when the weather is too nice to stay inside.

Northwood Recreation Ground

For somewhere where the kids can entertain themselves whilst you do an outdoor workout or run, Northwood Recreation Ground is perfect. The playground area and sports courts will keep your children entertained so you can have a worry-free workout. It is also a great place to meet a friend for a post-training coffee or picnic as it is right in the heart of Northwood, just a stone throw away from Northwood Hills station.

So, next time you’re wondering where to go for a run or walk in Northwood, simply look at this list and choose the spot that meets all your needs.
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Hannah Irwin