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If you want to act the part, you need to look the part and have the right equipment. Simply putting on your gym kit and lacing up your trainers, is enough to get you in the right mindset ahead of a tough workout. Whilst providing you with that mental boost, the correct attire will also get you physically ready. If you have the right shoes, clothing, and equipment, your pending activity is likely to flow much more smoothly. It’s not just in the clothing, the right gear is also essential, such as a quality racket, skipping rope, or football, depending on your activity. There is however no need to spend a fortune on big brands but having some high-quality pieces of gym wear and equipment can set you up for a long time. For this reason, we have complied a list of the five best sport shops near Northwood.

Action Replay in Ruislip

Action Replay in Ruislip is the place to go to meet all your sporting needs and isn’t that far from Northwood. Whatever the sport, and whatever equipment you need, this shop is sure to kit you out. If you’re looking to get into football and want a pair of football boots and shin pads, or if fitness is your thing and you want some resistance bands and weights, this is the place to go. There is no need to feel underprepared for anything. The shop sits at number 88 on the high street, but if you are unable to get into the town, they also have a well-stocked website.

Runnersworld in Eastcote

If running is your sport, do not look any further than Runnersworld in Eastcote. This shop has all the equipment and gadgets to prepare you for plenty of hard training ahead. As a runner, one of the most important things is having a decent pair of trainers, especially running in parks around Northwood. Providing your feet with the correct cushioning and support can be the difference between months of uninterrupted training, or weeks sitting on the sideline with an injury. Runnersworld use gait analysis to set you up with the best pair of trainers for you and have plenty of great knowledge to answer all your running-related questions.

TennisNuts in Northwood

Perhaps tennis is your thing, and you are looking to invest in a decent racket. If so, look no further than TennisNuts in Northwood. You will be sure to receive professional, friendly advice about anything tennis related. Whether it’s about the game itself, or a specialist piece of equipment, they will be sure to have the answer. However, it doesn’t stop there. Despite what the name may suggest, TennisNuts also provides excellent badminton and squash equipment, and they are not short of information to get you started.

Sports Direct Uxbridge

If you are searching for a high-quality product at a reasonable price, Sports Direct is the place to head. The Uxbridge based shop boasts hundreds of brands for all sports. Whilst they may not be the number one place to go if you are after personal expert advice, they do have a vast range of products that cannot be matched. From dumbbells and skipping ropes, to t-shirts and football boots, Sports Direct have it all. The shop is located on Uxbridge high street within close proximity of the tube station and the Northwood area, so there really is no reason not to be kitted out for your chosen activity.

Scarlett Sun Yoga wear

Finally, for those interested in looking after the planet whilst looking after your body, Scarlett Sun has the ideal clothing. Their focus is on creating leggings with a more sustainable approach. They have a zero-waste initiative, where they try to use recyclable fabrics wherever possible. So, if you are looking for a pair of vibrant, close, but comfortable fitting leggings, Scarlett Sun is the place to go. They aren’t just for yoga, but also ideal as gym or running leggings, as they hug to the body without causing discomfort. They also offer t-shirts and sweaters, so you can purchase a full outfit in order to cut a dash the next time you are at the gym. There is now no need to feel unprepared when you go to exercise as Northwood and the surrounding area has all the sport shops you might need.

Our personal trainer in Northwood can advise you on any equipment you may need.

Hannah Irwin