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In this exercise group classes series, we started with yoga.

Now it’s time to up the intensity scale with something very different.


If you’ve heard loud music, the noise of an enthusiastic trainer coming out of the speakers and the sound of a group of people sweating it out on exercise bikes, then chances are you’ve walked past a spinning class.

So, if you’re a fan of breaking a sweat and really pushing yourself throughout a workout, pop down to your local gym today and give it a go.

But before you do that, why not have a quick read of just what to expect when you go spinning.

What is a Spin Class?

Spinning classes take place in a room filled with exercise bikes.

So, just what happens when you sit on that bike?

All of the bikes will be facing the same way, pointing at the instructor. This is your guide for the workout, and the aim of the class is to pedal along with them, keeping up with the speeds they are instructing you to go.

This isn’t always easy.

A spinning class is designed to get your heart-rate rising and to raise a sweat, so you can expect to be really pushing your body to the maximum at some points.

But don’t worry, there will be slower points throughout the time spent on the bike.

All of this is often put to music to provide an extra push to get you through the class.

A spinning class is aimed to provide your body with the adrenaline it needs to get through an intense workout, and it is a great calorie buster. The combination of music partnered with a trainer who is going through every push of a pedal alongside you is a great environment to really push your body to the limits.

While they can seem intimidating at first, spinning classes are a great place to meet new friends and push yourself along with a group of like-minded people.

And of course, if you’re worried about the levels of fitness needed, keep an eye on our exercise classes schedule and pop over to a class that suits your needs.

The Benefits of Spin classes

Burn Calories

We’re often asked ‘are spin classes good for weight loss?’ This is a question often asked by potential spinners, and the answer is yes!

Throughout a class, you can expect to burn around 500 calories, which is a great amount for a workout. If you can fit in two, or maybe three of these a week, then you’re building a huge deficit that when combined with the right diet will lead to weight loss.

Builds Muscle

If you’ve never been on an exercise bike before, you may be surprised when first strapping in. Whereas on normal bikes you can spend a lot of time freewheeling, exercise bikes have no mercy, and you need to constantly peddle.

This means that you are constantly pushing the muscles in your lower body in order to keep up with the demands of the instructor.

While you’re not pushing weights, by activating your lower body in such a way for prolonged periods of time, you will see an increase in strength in your lower body.

A Great Cardio Exercise

There aren’t many exercises around that get your heart pumping quite like a spinning class.

The adrenaline from the atmosphere combined with the high intensity means that you are providing your cardiovascular system with a real workout.

Over time, this will make it stronger.

With every class, you are building your fitness, and over time you may even feel you can go further or work at a higher intensity.

How to Prepare for First Spin Class

Spinning classes can be daunting at first.

The flashing lights, screaming instructors and thumping music aren’t for everyone, but try not to be put off.

Instead, focus on preparing yourself.

If you want to give it a go, here’s three tips to get yourself in the spinning zone:

  • Be Comfortable – It’s always a good idea to get to a spinning class slightly early. This way, you can choose the bike for you (this may be at the back at the room or the front) and make sure it is set at the right height and resistance level.


  • Wear the Right Things – When thinking of what to wear to a spin class, it’s important to focus on comfort again. Try and wear things that are lightweight. You’re going to get hot and sweaty, so shorts and a sports vest or t-shirt are the best choice.


  • Bring Plenty of Water – Keeping hydrated isn’t always easy when in a spinning class, especially if you’re not prepared. Make sure to bring plenty of water to sip away at during the exercise. You’re going to need it.

Spinning with a Group

Like all high intensity exercises, spinning isn’t easy.

What does make it slightly easier is that fact that it is a group exercise.

You’re all in it together, through the pain and the sweat, and this creates a bond with your fellow spinners that can go a long way in helping you push through to the end.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in, and you’re based in the Ruislip, Northwood, Harrow areas and beyond, why not pop down to Trojan Fitness.

Getting Spinning in Northwood

As mentioned throughout this blog, spinning isn’t the easiest of exercises, but with all of the sweat and pain that comes throughout a class, the reward at the end feels all the more worth it.

If you’re interested, then get in touch or even better, pop down to our Northwood gym and have a quick chat with one of our team.

Our gym is packed with professionals full of experience in getting your body where you want it to be.

Whether wanting to ask about the fitness levels needed to sit through a class, or if you simply have more questions about how to prepare for your first class, we would love to hear from you.

See you at a spinning class soon!

And for more information on the different group exercise classes we can offer you, why not visit our yoga, PilatesHIIT and circuit training guides?

Matthew Morris