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The setting of a good personal training session is important.

The wrong setting and you may find you don’t have the necessary equipment and focus needed to get the results you really desire out of your client.

For many personal trainers, renting gym space is a brilliant way of finding a good spot to meet with your clients and have a good workout, among other benefits.

But how do you know you’re picking the perfect space?

Well, here at Trojan Fitness, we have a boutique gym that is perfect for holding a PT session for professionals across London, and we’ve created this guide on seven things to look out for to ensure you’re always choosing the right studio for you.

Let’s take a look.

trojan fitness gym in northwood7 Signs of the Perfect PT Studio


One of the most important considerations to think about is how close the studio is to your clients.

If their commute to a session has doubled or tripled in size, they may start looking for personal trainers near them.

It is also important for you, as you don’t want to face a huge commute every day either.

If you can find somewhere that is convenient for you and your clients, then you should find it is much easier to keep your clients happy.

Another reason why location is important is that it can help you reach a new audience. If you are moving into a highly populated area with lots of people looking to work with a personal trainer, then being able to offer your services to these people can result in much more interest and in turn, more clients.


Another factor that is of huge importance is the equipment that you need.

What you should be looking for is a studio that has a varied range of equipment of different nature. All of this equipment should also be well maintained and high quality.

Your client list will be full of different people with different fitness goals, so being able to provide many different types of workout plans will be invaluable as you grow your business.

Having top-of-the-range equipment available to your clients is sure to help them in their fitness journey to avoid burnout, and is also another good way of attracting new ones.

From cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills, rowing machines, and exercise bikes, to muscular-focused equipment such as barbells, cable machines, and squat racks, you should be able to work every aspect of your client’s fitness from your one studio.


Like equipment, every good gym space has to have adequate amenities.

Some of these are absolutely essential, such as toilets, and others are lovely extras to be able to offer a client, such as changing rooms and showers.

If you can provide other features such as parking spaces that also make it easy for your clients, then this could be the perfect space for you.

Having somewhere that can offer everything a client needs to be comfortable before and after the workout and be able to clean off and prepare with ease is a big help and is ideal for helping clients who are looking to squeeze a workout into a busy schedule.


A personal training studio needs to be flexible to your needs.

This doesn’t just mean being able to offer a varied workout to different clients, but also being flexible in terms of how you want your business to develop.

Are you thinking of maybe expanding your services, and offering something a bit different such as exercise classes?

If so, settling into a studio that can offer a dedicated room for classes could be a big positive in this regard.

Most people want their business to scale, and every personal trainer wants to have a full list of clients, so make sure your chosen studio space is accommodating to your needs and has everything you need to scale your business.

If it doesn’t, you may be looking for something new as things change and this can be an unwanted disruption.

gym equipment in pt studioDistractions

The last thing you want when really focusing on a session with your client are distractions.

While some trainers and clients prefer a louder atmosphere to really get the blood pumping, others like an intimate one-on-one session where they don’t feel any gym anxiety.

No matter your preference, you always require total focus from your client, so finding a gym space that minimises distractions and doesn’t have too much going on is ideal.

Some things to avoid are studios that are really busy with lots of other sessions going on and a studio that has blurring music.

Find yourself a quiet spot in which you can really speak to your client and enjoy a private session as for most clients this is exactly what they’re looking for.

Size is an important factor when it comes to distractions, and if you find out you will be sharing a space that looks a bit on the small side, then it could be a bit too busy for what you want.


A key factor in renting any space, either commercial or domestic, is the price you pay.

What you must calculate is how much you will be getting paid for each session and work out if you can afford the studio rental on top of this.

Different studios cost different amounts, so you need to find the perfect pricing range for you and search for gym spaces in this ballpark.

It’s always a good idea to look out for offers and discounts when hunting for the perfect gym space, and renting somewhere on a more long-term basis will also cost less per session which could lead to big savings in the long run.

The ideal situation is a happy medium between a space with plenty of amenities and high-quality equipment that is also cost-efficient.

If you find this studio, then make sure you snap it up quickly.


The final consideration in this list is the personality and feel of the studio space you are looking to rent.

You need something that matches your brand and ethos as this will help to form the perfect combination of your training and the environment that your sessions are held in.

Everything from the décor of the space to the layout and the choice of music (or no music) adds to the atmosphere of the studio, and this can have a big effect on the session at hand.

If you’re a trainer who likes high-intensity sweat-busting sessions, then you will want something that matches the pace and ferocity of your workouts. On the other hand, if your client and you prefer things to go at a slower pace and take your time with each exercise, you will be looking for something a bit more calm and serene.

Choosing a PT studio to hire that matches your brand and approach to workouts is key to providing the whole package to your clients and also helping to build a brand based around your character.

personal training at trojan fitness

Gym Space to Hire with Trojan Fitness

If you’re looking to hire gym space, then why not take a look at Trojan Fitness.

Our boutique workout studio is situated in the heart of Northwood and has two floors packed with state-of-the-art equipment ready for you to hold great sessions.

From exercise classes to private one-on-one workouts, you have everything you need to help your clients along their fitness path.

Want to know more?

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