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With the closing of gyms and indoor leisure centres, we have been forced to use our imagination as to where to exercise.

This, alongside the arrival of some beautiful summer weather, has meant, what better place to go than outdoors.

There is no need to feel enclosed whilst having your personal training session anymore, you can get some fresh air with your PT instead. You may even want to continue training outside when gyms do reopen.

There are many benefits associated with exercising outdoors instead of in a gym, both physical and mental, and here are a few of them.

More space

Sometimes, when you head to the gym for your training session, you are governed by what limited space is available. If you are wanting to combine cardio in a circuit, it can be difficult to get the machine moving without having too much of a break.

However, if you are outside, you can incorporate sprints or longer intervals of running into your workout without having to wait for the treadmill to get up to speed. For some, doing cardio in the gym can be quite a challenge. It can be difficult to breathe due to the stuffiness of the gym or people find the machines running away with them. If outside, you can push yourself to your own limits, knowing that you are in control, not a machine.

No waiting

Waiting doesn’t come easily to any of us, especially not when you are trying to get your gym session done quickly so you can get on with the day.

It can be extremely frustrating and tedious when you get to the gym, only to find the equipment you wanted to use is occupied. Training outside with your PT means no more waiting! If either you or your PT brings all the equipment you need, you can use it as and when it is required. No more wasted time waiting.

Fresh air

Another benefit of heading outdoors with your PT is that it can be extremely refreshing for your mental and physical health.

The fresh air helps clear your mind whilst also getting you away from the dry, stagnant air produced by air conditioning machines. Being surrounded by fresh air will help your airways feel less restricted as the wind will act as a natural cooler.

You also won’t have to worry about foul smells and built up body odour from other gym goers. It will be just you, your PT, and plenty of fresh air.

Less germs

One of the biggest things on everyone’s mind amidst coronavirus is the spreading of germs.

Gyms themselves can carry lots of germs, especially if other gym members don’t do their bit to ensure all equipment is cleaned between uses. If you and your personal trainer take your session to a local park, you won’t have to worry about other people’s germs. You won’t be surrounded by other people in a confined space and you can keep a small distance from your trainer.

Also, using your own, or your PT’s, thoroughly disinfected equipment will help reduce the number of germs you are exposed to. Less risk of germs means less worrying, which results in a more enjoyable training session.


Something we all love is spending less and saving more. Meeting up with your PT outside rather than in the gym means no more gym membership to pay!

It doesn’t cost you to workout in nature, so why not do it? Whether you go to a local park or simply exercise in your garden, there is no extra cost involved.

Less interruption

Frequently, when you want to get in and out of the gym quickly, it doesn’t go quite as planned. There always seems to be people stopping by to ask questions or a rude gym goer stealing the equipment you are using. However, when you are outside with your PT, it is just you and them, no one else, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted interruptions. This means, if your session is at 9 and you need to be done promptly by 10, you will get a full hour of training without being disrupted.

Vitamin D

Being outdoors with your personal trainer comes with added health benefits.

It is the perfect opportunity to get your daily dose of vitamin D. Being sat inside all day makes it tricky to find time to get outdoors, especially when you have already been to the gym. Combining your gym session with getting fresh air means you don’t have to find extra time in your day to get your dose of sunshine.

Whilst it is tricky to get a sufficient amount of Vitamin D in this country, a little bit is a lot better than none, therefore finding time to spend outdoors is vital.

As you can see, gyms being shut isn’t the end of the world. In fact, it can be more enjoyable to exercise outdoors. Give it a go and you might be won over.

Hannah Irwin