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With the arrival of some beautiful weather, you might be wondering where is best to exercise in your local area? If so, why not explore Ruislip’s top five outdoor spaces.

Whatever your motive for exercising, whether it’s to get fitter or to purely clear your head, there is something for everyone. From Ruislip Woods and Shenley Park, to Kings College Athletics Track, there isn’t a shortage of outdoor space to keep fit in without going too far from your home. You can even have your personal training session outside in one of Ruislip’s parks.

Ruislip Lido

On a hot sunny day, there is no better place to visit than a beach. Ruislip Lido is an artificial beach situated in greater London, so no need to travel hundreds of miles to the coast. It has a sandy beach, a lake, children’s play areas, and a miniature railway that in circles the site. It is the ideal place to go with the kids or your friends, you could even take a picnic to enjoy on the artificial beach.

Whilst not what you would initially think of when going to a lido, it is perfect for runners and walkers to stay fit. The lido is surrounded by a paved track, running around the large reservoir. This is great for flat interval sessions or if you just want to go for a calming jog. With the arrival of some hot weather, what better way to get in your daily exercise than at Ruislip Lido!

Kings College Athletics Track

For those looking to improve their running by getting in some faster speed sessions without the interruption of traffic or having to run across roads, the athletics track is the ideal destination.

The Kings College 400m Athletics Track was newly resurfaced back in 2015, so is in great condition. The track is tarmac surfaced, so you won’t have to worry about any uneven ground. This is perfect for letting your mind focus simply on running fast without having to be cautious of going over on your ankles.

For those new to using the track, there are some great sessions you can do. If you are looking for something short and fast, try doing two sets of eight 200m repeats (2x8x200m), or if you are wanting to work on your speed endurance, do 6-8 800m reps with 2 minutes between each one.

A track session will get you working hard, and is a great way to improve your fitness. But be careful not to go out too fast, or you will pay for it halfway through the session. It is important to aim for consistency during a track session; it is better to be conservative on your first workout. You can get faster as you get used to pacing yourself on the track but overdoing it early on in the session can make the remainder very painful.

Ruislip Woods

Ruislip woods is a national nature reserve spanning over 700 acres of land. This means you will not be short of land to explore. The woods include plenty of beautiful trails, perfect for running and allowing you to get lost in your own thoughts.

You will soon forget you are anywhere near the city, so you can run or walk in peace. The sheer size of Ruislip woods makes it one of the best places to go for a longer run. Whether you are training for a marathon that has been postponed or simply enjoying running a few more miles, this is a great location.

Warrender Park

Warrender Park is part of the High Grove Nature Reserve, which is filled with woodland area, trails, attractive trees and much more. Once again, you need look no further for the perfect spot for a stroll or early morning jog.

It is a great space to visit for a quiet and relaxing escape from the mad world. Warrender Park also acts as a cut-through to Highgrove Pool and Fitness Centre, meaning you can enjoy a run outside before heading to the gym for your Trojan Fitness PT session or to the pool for a cooling swim.

The park is also situated near Ruislip Manor Underground Station, so you can quickly pop for a jog or a walk before heading home for the evening after work.

Shenley Park

Another of Ruislip’s great outdoor spaces is Shenley Park. The vibrant nature makes it an attractive spot for those looking to exercise outdoors. The circular path is popular for both runners and walkers and can be used as a loop for intervals or simply for a continuous run when you don’t want to worry about getting lost.

The park also has an outdoor gym, so you don’t have to be stuck inside on those sunny days when you want to workout in the fresh air.

There are plenty of green spaces in the area, so go and explore what Ruislip has to offer. You’ll be surprised by how many different spots there are to exercise in, not far from your back door.

Hannah Irwin