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The time you should train has been a popular debate within the fitness industry. A lot of people will exercise around what suits them this includes many factors such as career, family, and personal preference. However, is there really an answer to this debate? Or are both just as good? Read on to find out.

Why should you work out in the morning?

A common pro for working out in the morning is that it sets you up for the day. Not only will you get the workout done early allowing you to concentrate on other tasks, it also releases endorphins putting you in a more positive mindset to tackle the day ahead. Exercising in the morning frees up the evening, allowing you more time to prepare the evening meal, relax or socialise.

According to a research paper published in the Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise journal, women are more likely to be less distracted by food if they exercise in the morning. Also, 45mins of exercise increased their physical activity throughout the day and increased their metabolism, meaning they were able to burn more calories in the day.

Another research paper this time published in the journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management, found that performing aerobic exercise in the early morning improves sleep quality compared to the afternoon and evening.

Some research points towards reaction times being quicker in the morning and getting progressively worse later in the day. Based on this evidence it could be beneficial to perform exercises that require quick reactions earlier in the day.

Why should you work out in the evening?

Working out in the evening also has its benefits. If you work in an office that’s far from where you live, you may not have time in the morning to workout. Not having to wake up super early in the morning may allow you to get them extra few hours of critical sleep, which is so important to a healthy lifestyle.

The time of day has an effect on many hormonal cycles, two being testosterone and cortisol release. According to studies testosterone (an important hormone for muscle growth and strength in men and women) is produced more in the evening with resistance training than in the morning. Cortisol ( a stress hormone linked to fat storage and muscle degradation) levels are lower in the evening which may limit excessive stress build up after exercise.

In conclusion, it depends on your body goals and your lifestyle. Working out in the morning is more likely to help burn fat as well as increase your metabolism throughout the day. It may also help gain a deeper sleep state, allowing you to feel more refreshed.

However, working out in the evening may have benefits for muscle building. You are more likely to achieve more out of a workout however could possibly compromise your overall sleep quality.

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Hannah Irwin