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Northwood is a thriving town with an active community providing only the best fitness services. Northwood has a variety of sport shops, fitness clubs and outdoor spots to cater to Northwoods fitness enthusiasts. Take a look below at the services that make Northwood the best place for fitness.

Personal Training

Northwood has some of the best personal trainers in West London, including Trojan Fitness. Trojan Fitness are personal trainers in Northwood who provide, nutrition plans, 1-2-1 personal training, bootcamps and online guidance to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Personal training ensures people are being educated whilst exercising, helping you reduce the risk of injury by maintaining the correct form whilst working out. Not only will Trojan Fitness put together a tailored fitness plan for you but will continue to support you on your fitness journey. Providing you with effective ways to lose fat and get fit.

Sports Massage

Sports massage can be beneficial for muscle recovery while also playing a role in preventing physical injuries. There are multiple sport therapists in Northwood such as Lucas Massage Therapy based in the outskirts of Northwood or Qi Spa in central Northwood. Sport massage is the process of soft tissue manipulation this includes skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and fascia. Look at our list of the best places to get a sports massage in Northwood.

Best Running Spots

The best thing about running is how accessible it is. If you have the right trainers, you can run at any time. Northwood has some great running spots such as the Ruislip Lido and the Northwood Recreations Ground. To help you on your runs we’ve created some simple running routes, so you don’t have to. Check out our best running routes in Northwood.

The Best Sport Shops

Having the right equipment for your physical activity is important, it can help prevent you from getting injured and will ensure your activity will flow smoothly. Northwood has a variety of sport shops with quality gear that’ll last a long time at reasonable prices. This includes shops like Action Replay in Ruislip and Tennisnuts in Northwood.

Northwood is a great fitness hub for everyone which is why it’s the best place for fitness. Also, with Trojan Fitness to guide you on your journey, you’ll achieve your goals in no time. For more advice check out our blogs here or for personal training and fitness enquiries contact us here.

Hannah Irwin