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Exercise classes are great for a number of reasons.

They are a great place to meet people, super stress-busters, and they can be a big push forward in your body transformation journey.

People head to the gym for different reasons.

Some want to lose weight, some want to build muscle, and some want to do both.

If you’re looking to lose weight, then here are five great exercise classes available at Trojan Fitness that are ideal calorie busters that you’re sure to love.

Let’s take a look.

Dance Fit

Dance fit is a great exercise class that is just as fun as it is effective.

This class consists of dancing along to the latest songs, with an experienced instructor guiding you and making sure you’re really working up a sweat.

The beauty of this class is that the environment created goes a long way in helping you forget that you’re working out, and you’ll be having fun and burning calories without even realising it.

This is more than just dancing, as our trainers will be guiding you through moves designed to be effective and efficient in burning calories and losing weight.

Classes last around an hour and the time is sure to fly by as you get into the groove and enjoy your workout.

exercise class

Power Cycle

When it comes to burning calories, there aren’t many exercise classes more effective than power cycle.

This is like a normal spin class but has the addition of a power meter on every bike. What this means, is that your workout can be personal to you.

Simply fill your data in before the class begins, and you will see your own personal power zones. These classes help anyone burn calories, from bodybuilders to gym beginners, and that’s why the personal touch is so important.

While maximum power output may look different to different people, this class makes sure everyone is pushing themselves to the right level. When it comes to fitness, people burn calories and exert energy at different rates, so while some classes may be effective for some, they may not be hard enough for experienced gym-goers to achieve the right results. Power cycle works on individual power statistics, meaning no matter who you are, you will always be pushing yourself and burning calories.

And not only that, it’s also really good fun.

An enthusiastic trainer who helps you really push yourself to the limit, state-of-the-art bikes that are comfortable and effective, and loud music to give your body the adrenaline it needs to reach your goals all create the ideal exercise environment.

What’s not to love?


If you’re looking for a morning workout that is sure to help you lose calories, and get you pumped up for the day ahead, then the aptly named energize is perfect for you.

This is a circuit style class, which will see you moving from station to station, keeping your heart rate up, and performing a range of exercises.

Always stay in the zone and entertained with a range of different exercises, each one sure to help you lose weight.

A lot of equipment is used in this one, from battle ropes, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more, and a trainer is always on hand to make sure you’re working out in the perfect form.

This is a really great and varied exercise class and is perfect for someone looking for a whole-body workout.

Classes last an hour and you’re sure to feel like you’ve achieved something when you reach the end, with adrenaline pumping and plenty of calories burnt.


For an exercise class that really pushes your body to it’s limits, you can’t go wrong with bootcamp.

This is inspired by the drills soldiers in the army go through and puts you through a rigorous selection of different exercises.

Like energize class, lots of equipment is used, but the levels you push your body to are elevated.

There’s no denying it, this is a tough workout, but with a higher difficulty, comes better results.

While you will also put on muscle, a bootcamp exercise class also helps you raise a sweat and you’re sure to see calories dropping off as you work your way from station to station.

Overseen by an instructor who is an expert in knowing exactly what workouts to place throughout your bootcamp class, this is ideal for someone who wants an exercise class that has maximum effects.

Our Trojan Fitness bootcamp class takes place on a Saturday morning and is the perfect way to get you pumped and ready for the weekend ahead.

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Hybrid Fit

This is another varied class and involves a mixture of cardiovascular and resistance exercises that are designed to get you sweating and building muscle.

Whilst working through a range of different exercises, you will work on different aspects of your fitness.

A hybrid fit class is the perfect combination of cardio exercises and muscular workouts to provide an all-round workout for your body and mind.

Equipment such as kettlebells and slam balls are used, but you will also be using your body weight as you put your body through some exercises ranging in different intensities.

The beauty of this class is all in the name, it is a hybrid mix of all the workouts you will ever need to lose weight and build muscle.

So, if you want to burn calories and help tone your figure, then hybrid fit is the class for you.

Northwood Exercise Classes at Trojan Fitness

We have a wide range of exercise classes available at Trojan Fitness, from low intensity sessions such as yoga and Pilates, to something that is sure to really raise a sweat like spinning and circuit training.

If you’re looking to lose weight, then our classes and trainers are on hand to help you along your fitness journey.

If you want to see our full range of classes, and book yourself a slot on one of them right now, then why not head over to our exercise classes page? And if you’re unsure of which class you would like to attend, why not have a read of our guide on picking the perfect exercise class for you?

Or, if you have any questions, then get in touch with our team, who are always happy to help.

Matthew Morris