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There are many benefits to taking part in exercise classes.

From meeting new people, to learning to love the gym and of course, get fitter, a group class can really help you along your fitness journey and allow you to reach your health goals.

Fitness classes are tailored to get different results.

There are some that help you build muscle, some that help you lose weight, and some that help other aspects of your health, such as your wellbeing.

In this blog, we will take a look into five exercise classes available at Trojan Fitness right now that are perfect for reducing stress and promoting a positive mental health.

Let’s take a look.

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Many studies have taken place that link exercise to mental health.

There is a common saying that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and there is certainly scientific evidence to back this up.

A large study in the USA analysed data from over a million people and found 43% fewer days of poor mental health in individuals who carried out physical activity regularly.

Another study assessed participants immediately after physical activity, compared to when not exercising, and found that those who were physical often felt more content and calm.

There are many more studies out there that show that working out can promote positive wellbeing and activites that promote mindfulness can help beat addiction and other issues.

When it comes to exercise classes, there is also the added bonus that you get to socialise with fellow gym-goers, which can also provide a big boost in this regard.

Finding the right fitness class for you is important though, and that’s why we’re taking a closer look into five classes here, so you can be sure you’re signing up to the perfect one for you.

yoga class


One of the most popular exercise classes in the world is Pilates.

This is a real all-rounder of a workout, working on your core muscles to strengthen them, while also providing plenty of mental health benefits also.

Pilates is all about focus, and by concentrating on nothing but your balance as you move from position to position, you are sure to reduce any stress that you may be feeling.

It is also important in Pilates to focus on your breathing, and slowing this down is vital to really get into the right mindset. This can help to slow your body down, and provide you with a period of calm.

With this, plus many more reasons that Pilates can increase your mental and physical health, this really is the perfect all-round exercise class.

Rocket Yoga

Our next exercise classes will all be centred around one thing. Yoga.

And we start with rocket yoga.

This is a fast-paced session and consists of working through many different standing and seated poses in a quick time.

This is similar to Ashtanga Yoga, which is often seen as one of the harder styles.

This is a great exercise if you’re lacking in time, or if you want to focus less on slowing things down and more on working up a sweat.

This exercise class also contains the iconic Surya Namaskar, also known as the Sun Salutation, which is famous for it’s effect on mindfulness. This involves a repeated series of moves containing upwards and downwards dog.

Rocket yoga is a great exercise class, packed with the positive effects of yoga and much more.

yoga class

Freestyle Fitness Yoga

Yoga is an exercise that has been practised for centuries, but if you’re looking for something a bit more modern, then our freestyle fitness yoga exercise class is the ideal one for you.

This is a hybrid of everything that makes yoga great, including the postures and stretches, as well as including some fitness exercises in there.

This is a really mixed class, and provides the calming and anxiety-reducing effects of yoga, with also the great feeling of working up a sweat and carrying on your fitness journey.

This class focuses on everything, including boosting your flexibility, increasing your strength, improving your balance, and helping you reduce feelings of stress.

As with all exercise classes, each position you are instructed to hold throughout the class has been chosen by one of our expert instructors to ensure you’re getting maximum results from your session.

Vinyasa Yoga

One of the most popular forms of yoga is Vinyasa Yoga.

This is aptly known as flow yoga, due to the way you seamlessly transition from posture to posture.

This class is seen as a form of meditation as well as an exercise, as you put all of your focus into breathing at a steady rate and simply following the directions from your instructor and keeping your body flowing into the next asana.

Yoga is a form of exercise that promotes a positive mindset, and many people find Vinyasa yoga is perfect for helping to unwind and shake any troubling thoughts from your mind.

Throughout the class, and as you attend more and more classes, you will get better at synchronising your breath and your movement which is ideal for zoning out and leaving any negative thoughts at the door.

northwood yoga class

Yin Yoga

Another popular form of yoga is yin yoga.

This is another slow-paced session, but the difference between this and something like Vinyasa, is that the poses are held for much longer.

This means that this is a low-intensity workout with limited movement (some asanas can be held for five minutes or more).

While you won’t be burning many calories in this class, it is ideal for improving wellbeing and mental health, as again, it is a form of meditation which allows you to slow your body down, shake off your stress, and focus on nothing but holding your given pose.

This is a workout that doesn’t focus on building muscle, but instead works on your balance and allows you to focus on your mental rather than your physical health.

If you’re feeling stressed and like everything is feeling a bit chaotic around you, this is the ideal class to slow things down and catch your breath.

Northwood Exercise Classes at Trojan Fitness

All of the classes listed above are available to sign up for and attend at Trojan Fitness right now.

Check out our Northwood exercise classes page for a full schedule and all booking information.

And if you have any questions, please get in touch with our team of trainers today.

We would love to hear from you.

Matthew Morris