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If you’re looking to build muscle in Northwood, then why not head down to some of the fitness classes available at Trojan Fitness.

While fitness classes come in all shapes and sizes, there are plenty that are focussed on helping someone build muscle.

So, if your fitness goals are to increase muscles mass and tone up, then here are five great classes that are sure to help you on your journey.

Let’s take a look.

Bar Pump

Bar pump is a class that focuses solely on the barbell.

Through a range of exercises, this piece of versatile equipment is used to push your body to the limit, not only helping you grow your strength and build your muscles mass, but also increasing your heart rate and helping you burn calories.

This is a great class for working out plenty of different muscles, and an experienced trainer is always on hand to talk you through a long list of exercises, from squats to bench presses and more, that are all aimed to help you tone up and build muscle.

This is a high intensity class, meaning that despite being an hour long, you’re sure to feel plenty of benefits long after the workout is over.

This is a class accessible to gym beginners who are starting their muscle building journey, and the amount of weight being lifted can be changed to make sure everyone is pushing themselves the right amount to get results.



Another high-intensity class is bootcamp.

Inspired by many of the workouts that army soldiers are put through to maintain high fitness levels, this is a range of exercise that are aimed to work up a sweat and really activate them muscles.

This is a full body workout, similar to our hybrid fit class, with many different exercises throughout targeting different muscle groups.

Plenty of equipment is used, from kettlebells and barbells to slam balls and battle ropes, and you’re sure to know you’ve been through a tough workout when this one ends.

While very high intensity and tough, this is a really rewarding exercise and is packed with a wide and varied range of benefits, including burning calories and increasing muscle mass. While not solely focused on building muscle, you’re sure to pick up some benefits as you go from station to station, especially if you are in the early days of your body transformation journey.

If you’re looking for something to really push yourself and accelerate your way along your fitness path, then this is a perfect exercise class for you.

Ultimate Core

Having strong core muscles comes with many benefits.

They lead to better stability, reduce the chance of injuries (especially in the back), and can help improve athletic performance.

They are an integral muscle group for having a healthy body, and our ultimate core class is a great way of making sure your core is strong and helping to build muscle in this area.

The core contains plenty of different muscles, from abs to obliques, and this class focuses on these groups, working them all out through a range of different motions, exercises and stretches.

Our expert instructors will compile a list of effective exercises and talk you through each one, making sure you always have the correct form to get maximum results.

From planking and beyond, the core muscles should never be neglected (who doesn’t want a six pack?) and this class is the perfect way to ensure you give them a weekly workout.

lady doing a sit up

Extreme Interval Training

When it comes to exercise classes, extreme interval training isn’t for everyone.

This is a very high intensity class that works on getting maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

If you’re struggling to find time to work out, then this is the ideal class for you, as your body can be pushed through plenty of rigorous exercises that are perfect for building muscle and be on your way home again all in the space of half an hour.

Through a range of different classes, you are sure to raise a sweat and really activate them muscles as you go from workout to workout, all under the watchful eye of one of our trusted trainers.

We know finding time to exercise isn’t always easy, and that’s why we have created our very own extreme interval class.

If you want maximum results in quick time, then this is the exercise class for you.

Core Fusion

Core fusion is another exercise class that focuses on the core.

This isn’t quite as intense as ultimate core and focuses more on dynamic and static stretches as you tone up your core muscles.

That’s not to say it is an easy class though, as our trainer will put you for paces and work up a sweat as you activate your core during this Pilates inspired class.

While these classes are primarily focused on the core, you will find that your body is still pushed in various areas as you work your way through the different primal movements that are instructed.

This is a great workout for someone who is new to the gym, and who is looking to start building core strength.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not for experienced gym-goers as well.

As mentioned before, core muscles are integral for many different varieties of athlete, so if you want to keep your muscles in this area strong and toned, then this is the perfect class to help you do so.

man swinging ropes

Northwood Exercise Classes at Trojan Fitness

If you’re looking to build muscle, then why not head down to Trojan Fitness.

Our bespoke gym contains a floor tailor-made to deliver stunning exercise classes aimed to activate your muscles and increase your mass.

If you want to take a look at our full exercise class schedule, and even book yourself a spot on one of our classes, then head over to our exercise classes page today.

Or, if you have any questions regarding our exercise classes, or anything else, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Matthew Morris