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So, you’ve decided to work with a personal trainer.

That’s great!

Your journey to reach your fitness goals starts here.

This is a really exciting time, but you must make sure you choose a personal trainer that is right for you.

This can be a tricky choice, with many hours spent with your chosen trainer ahead, so how can you make sure you pick the right person?

Well, here at Trojan Fitness, we are a team of experienced personal trainers in Northwood, and we have created this guide on seven ways you can be sure to always make the right choice on your personal trainer.

Let’s take a look.

7 Tips on Finding the Perfect Personal Trainer

When it comes to choosing a personal trainer, there are a number of factors that you should consider in order to find someone who is a good fit for your needs and goals.

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight, improve your overall fitness, or just get in better shape, the right personal trainer can help you achieve your goals and stay motivated throughout the process.

Here are some key things to look for when choosing a personal trainer.


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1. Qualifications and Certifications

One of the most important things to look for in a personal trainer is their qualifications and certifications.

These can come in many different forms, and can be very specialised, or more generic fitness certifications.

For example, here at Trojan Fitness, our founder Matt has not just a degree in sport and exercise sciences, but also is a REPS level 4 specialist personal trainer in weight management and diabetes, a GP referral specialist, a BWL level 2 olympic lifting coach and more.

Ask your potential trainer’s what certification they have and what they specialise in to get a good idea of what kind of fitness coach they are going to be for you.

A wide range of qualifications will demonstrate that the trainer has completed rigorous training programs and has the knowledge and skills necessary to design safe and effective workout programs just for you.

2. Experience and Expertise

Another key factor to look out for in your search for a personal trainer is how much experience and expertise they have.

Not only how long have they been a personal trainer, but what kind of clients have they been working with.

Personal trainers come in all shapes and sizes, and while one may work with body builders and specialise in building muscle, another might be more experienced in helping people lose weight.

Check out client reviews and pay attention to the body transformations shown on their website to really get a good insight into what kind of trainer you are going to be working with.

3. Communication and Motivation

One of the main benefits of using a personal trainer is the extra motivation that you get.

Working out alone isn’t quite the same as having a trained professional alongside you, pushing you all the way to get the maximum results out of your body.

A good trainer should be able to listen to your goals and concerns and design a workout program that is tailored to your needs. They should also be able to provide clear instructions and feedback on your form and technique, and be able to motivate and encourage you to push past your limits and achieve your goals.


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4. Personality and Compatibility

One thing to remember when choosing a personal trainer, is that you will be spending a lot of time with this person.

It could be several hours a week that you spend in close communication, so it is vital that you pick a trainer that you get on with.

Not only do you need to get on with them, but you must be comfortable in their presence. You are going to be pushing yourself under their watch, so you must trust their instructions and not feel anxious or tense around them.

When searching for a potential personal trainer, look for someone who is friendly, approachable, easy to talk to, and who shares your values and fitness philosophy.

If you can find all of these qualities, then you’re sure to have a great relationship and see great results.

5. Availability and Flexibility

Depending on how quickly you are hoping to see results, availability of a personal trainer is an important factor.

This is because you may want to do multiple sessions per week, and this will require a trainer who has the time and capacity to do this.

Finding a way to fit workouts into your daily routine is a big factor of keeping up your body transformation.

You must find a way that works for you, whether this be before or after work, in your dinner break, or on a weekend.

Look for a trainer who can accommodate your schedule and who is willing to work with you to find a workout program that fits your lifestyle.

6. Cost and Value

While you should never choose a personal trainer based solely on price, it is important to find someone who offers you value for the amount of money you are willing to pay.

If the trainer is charging a higher price than others in the surrounding area, then make sure their experiences and qualifications can justify the cost.

There is no issue with paying a high amount for a trainer who can offer a great service, so find out what it is exactly that you are paying for to ensure you always pay an amount you’re comfortable with.

Also, keep an eye out for deals such as bulk session offers.


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7. Local Knowledge

Our final point is a bit of a curveball but is an important way your personal trainer can help you.

Having a personal trainer who knows your local area has many benefits. This is why many searches begin with ‘personal trainer near me‘.

For example, at Trojan Fitness, we have clients from Northwood and the surrounding areas of Pinner, Harrow, and more.

We know these areas as well so can work out the commuting times to the gym, and also be able to provide good recommendations for outside spaces to do a spot of cardio, or great restaurants and cafes where you can get a healthy snack.

These can really help when keeping your body transformation journey fun and exciting.

Personal Training with Trojan Fitness

If you’re looking for personal trainers who are experienced, approachable, and well qualified, then why not take a look at the team at Trojan Fitness.

We work with many clients with varying fitness goals, and can provide expert advice to help you transform your body.

Want to know more?

Then get in touch today.

We also offer our PT studio to hire, so if you’re a trainer looking for some well equipped gym space to work from, we’d love to hear from you.

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