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Working outside is great not just for our body, but for our mind.

The fresh air filling your lungs as you run, cycle, and work out in lovely green spaces is the ideal way to unwind, burn calories, and build some muscle.

If you live in Pinner, you may be wondering where the best spots are to enjoy some outside exercise.

Well, despite our gym being based in Northwood, here at Trojan Fitness, we have many clients from the Pinner area, and that is why we have created this handy guide on four great places to enjoy some outdoor exercise.

Let’s take a look.

Pinner Memorial Park

The first place to stop is Pinner Memorial Park.

This is a beautiful public park located right in the heart of Pinner that covers and covers well over 15 acres.

This is the great place to enjoy a spot of exercise, and there are many different workouts you can do to keep yourself occupied.

The park has a large, tranquil, open space that is perfect for enjoying a private workout. Why not do a little bit of interval training, or enjoy a spot of yoga in view of the lovely lake.

For someone looking to burn some calories, there is a well-maintained fitness trail that circles the perimeter of the park.

With various exercise stations along the way, this is a great way of getting some miles in your legs (or on your bike) and also working out some other muscles at the stations along the way.

Eastcote House Gardens

Nestled in between Eastcote and Pinner, this is a lovely area that offers large grassy areas and woodland that are perfect for enjoying a spot of exercise and a bit of cardio.

If you are looking for a tranquil and peaceful setting to enjoy a Pilates session or a different low intensity workout, then you will struggle to find many places better than these gardens.

Whether staring at the backdrop of the Tudor houses, or the ponds and lakes, this is a large area which will provide you with plenty of space and privacy to enjoy a slow-paced workout for your body and mind.

Looking for something a bit more high intensity?

Why not lace up your running and walking boots and do a few laps of the garden. The abundance of flowers and greenery are sure to keep you occupied as you burn them calories.


park run

Pinner Village Gardens

Another delightful green space nestled right in the heart of Pinner is the Village gardens.

This is a smaller space, only around one and a half acres, but it provides a nice spot for getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and setting up some interval training.

This is a bit of a quieter spot than the ones previously mentioned in this blog, and can provide you with plenty of flat space on which you can put on any workout you would like.

This is a family-friendly spot, with a children’s fun run that spans around two kilometres held every year.

If you would like a nice run, then this may not be the best spot for someone looking to go a long way, but for people beginning their fitness journey who want to dust off the cobwebs and get a few miles done, this is a nice spot.

Pinner Recreation Grounds

If you prefer to work out with other people, then Pinner Recreations Ground could just be the perfect spot for you.

This is an area tailor made for team sports, with a number of sports facilities included, such as a football pitch, a cricket pitch, a skate park, and a basketball court.

This is a popular spot due to its many features and attractions, so if you and a few friends want to burn some calories together and have fun while doing it, this is a good place to do just that.

Prefer working out alone?

This is another great jogging spot. Many runners enjoy circling the large lake that sits in the grounds, which is home a variety of ducks, geese and swans. Enjoy the interesting route with plenty of benches and relaxation spots along the way where you can catch your breath and rehydrate.

Sitting at over fifteen acres, these grounds make a great place to head for a workout, whether you are looking to enjoy some team sports with friends, burn some calories with a spot of cardio, or simply take some equipment and do a workout in your own space.

Pinner Personal Training with Trojan Fitness

If you live in Pinner and you are looking to begin your body transformation journey, then why not speak to one of the personal trainers at Trojan Fitness.

Our boutique gym is just next door in Northwood, and our expert trainers can provide you with advice and instructions on how to reach your fitness goals.

Get in touch today to hear what we can offer you, and how you can get fitter in Pinner today.

Matthew Morris